Smart RPA... Defined

The nexus of Lean Six Sigma, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

For more than twenty years, enterprises large and small and across a range of industries have worked diligently to improve their business processes from the back office to the frontline service and product delivery. Process reengineering, outsourcing, offshoring and more have enabled organizations to focus on their core strengths, reduce costs and achieve new levels of efficiency.

But the outsized yields of these “classic” approaches to efficiency and effectiveness are largely over. Enter the next wave: smart Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as deep machine learning and neural networks, smart RPA offers a new approach and exciting opportunities for enterprise organizations. The combination of AI, cognitive computing, big data and the best of Lean Six Sigma practices delivers unique and powerful capabilities to automate a range of mission-critical business processes, empowering the next-generation workforce to focus on more core activities that deliver greater value.

Through our work with the largest enterprises in financial services, insurance, banking, consumer products, utilities and healthcare, Echelon|AI understands how smart RPA can be integrated to help you achieve key business outcomes.

The Genesis of Our Name

RPA is in our DNA… and is deeply rooted in our name, which is an acronym emphasizing Robotic Automation for Process Improvement and Delivery (RAPID).

Delivering innovative RPA solutions, our team leverages decades of experience in artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, cognitive computing, machine learning, Lean Six Sigma, process improvement, and change management.

Our approach to RPA allows organizations to work smarter while significantly and cost-effectively scaling operations. Your company and your team will be more productive, more precise, more engaging, and most importantly…more human.